I have a degree from the University of Santiago de Compostela (1998) and I have a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy.

My main focus of attention is on accompanying people who have lost control in some facet of their lives and who suffer as a result.
A session with me begins by listening to the reason for the consultation to see what the origin of personal suffering is. Next, I accompany my client to release her emotional decompensation through psychological and energetic tools that help the person to connect with the feeling that caused the suffering at the origin.

Once the root of the problem has been detected and made aware by the person I accompany, it must be harmonized and if it is in your interest to work on the person’s true desire to express their personal empowerment in their daily life. Throughout this process I use psychological techniques, emotional liberation techniques, applied neuroscience and being initiated in the order of the Mahatmas Parishad, techniques that I learned in India that bring great inner peace to people.

Mahatma is a Sanskrit term, composed of two words: «Mahā» (महा) which means great, and «Ātma» (आत्मा) which can be translated as soul. Therefore «Mahātma» (महात्मा) could be translated as «Great Soul». The name Mahatma was used to refer to Gandhi, as he was considered a Great and noble Soul. The common characteristic of all initiates in this status is that we bring a differential consciousness shift, based on principles of high human value.

Having been initiated in the order of the Mahatmas Parishad, in my case, allows me to act on the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the soul body in the most effective way to be able to accompany you to change your perception of an event. traumatic in a short time.

My particular approach to human feelings allows me to understand that the vibration that occurs in a traumatic event produces a wave that is reflected in at least one of those four bodies. This impact is what produces a biochemical reaction in the body called emotion. This emotion produces an alteration of the physical and emotional state and gives rise to mental associations and reactions towards people, life situations or simply towards the environment with which we interact.

The emotional body is the basis for getting to recover your natural state of health. It is only up to you to accept that you can change that vibration.

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